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6-Person Tent

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions For:

16 Steps: Set Up the Tent

6 person tent set up for camping

Setting up the tent and attaching the canopy is much easier with two people.

1. Remove the tent from its bag,  along with the stakes and all tent poles (located inside pole bag).

2. Assemble the poles by sliding the ends together. You should have a total of 7 poles (2 long ones, 1 medium and 4 short ones). See photos below.

3. Check the area you want to place the tent and make sure it is clean and a MINIMUM OF 20 FEET AWAY FROM ANY OPEN FLAME AND FIRE.

4. Unroll the tent, place it where you want it,and make sure the door is on the proper side.

5. Drive one stake thru the pin-ring assembly on one corner.

6. Repeat this for the other three corners, pulling the tent tight as you go and making sure you drive the stakes in at an angle.

7. Slide one of the long poles thru the sleeve on the tent from one corner.

8. When you get to the center, you will need to slide it thru the sleeve on the other side as well.

9. Insert the pole into ribbed side of the elbow mounted on the tent. Do this on one end only.

10. Repeat for the other long pole.

11. Now insert the pole ends into the ribbed side of the elbows attached to the tent corners. This will center to have a crown.

12. Take the medium length pole and slide that through the pole sleeves in the center of the tent. Insert both ends into the pockets located above the door and one on the opposite side.

13. Use the ties in the middle to hold all three poles together.

14. Lay out the four remaining poles – one at each corner – and slide the pole end into the elbow on the tent corner. If the pole does not go into the elbow, remove the pole from the opposite side and rotate the elbow around so that both poles fit in.

15. Slide the other end of the pole over the ring assemble at the corner of the tent.

16. Repeat this for the remaining three corners. Attach the four J clips to the poles on each corner.

7 Steps: Attach the Canopy

1. Unroll and lay the canopy in front of the tent, making sure the logos are on the right and left sides of the tent.

2. With one person on each side, lift and drape the canopy over the tent.

3. Attach the corner S Hooks to the O-Ring as shown in the photos below.

4. Repeat this for all remaining corners.

NOTE: If the weather forecast calls for wind and rain, unroll the guy wires on the four corners and make a loop at the end.

5. Slide tent stake thru the loop and then drive the stake into the ground.

6. Pull the guy wire tight buy moving the plastic hook up the wire.

7. Repeat this for the remaining three wires.

The tent is now set up and ready to use!

4 Steps: Pack the Tent & Canopy

After taking down the tent, please lay it on the ground with the bottom side up.

1. Using the broom, please clean the bottom and make sure it is dry.

2. Fold the tent three times along with the canopy so they fit into the carrying case.

3. Place the stake bag in the carrying case as well.

4. Break the poles down and put them into the pole bag. Please make sure you have all seven poles in the bag.

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