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10×10 Screen House

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions For:

18 Steps: Set Up the Screen House

screen house set up in a backyard

1. Remove both the screen house and the duffel bag from the trailer.

2. Remove frame and stakes from the storage bag, and the brown roof from the duffel bag.

3. Place the steel frame where you want the center of the screen house located.

4. Spread open the frame roughly 3/4 of the way and push the center pole up in the center. Note: This is easier with two people.

5. Drape the brown roof over the frame and line up the loop and hook fasteners to each of the six corner poles.

6. Wrap the fasteners around each pole securing the roof.

7. Extend the frame all the way out and push each corner up until it clicks into place.

8. Climb under the roof and secure the roof to the frame with the velcro straps located around the inside of the frame.

9. With two people, raise each leg by pressing the red handle and lifting the leg to the third hole on the pole.

10. Repeat this for all legs. You will now need to straighten all legs so the screen house is sitting flat on the ground.

11. Remove the side wall from the duffel bag and spread it around the inside of the screen house, making sure one of the two doors is in the location you want.

12. Walk to each pole and lift it up and slide the side wall under it so it is now on the outside of the pole.

13. Repeat this for the remaining 5 poles.

14. At each corner, raise the side wall and connect the two hooks on the side wall to the loop on the frame. Repeat this for all corners.

15. Attach the small hook on the bottom of the side walls to a hole in the corner pole on all poles.

16. Where the screen doors are located, wrap the ties as shown in the photos below to secure the zipper at both doors.

17. Make sure the poles of the screen house are straight and are where you want them. Use the large nails to secure the poles in place.

18. There are guy lines on the roof that can be secured using the large yellow stakes if windy weather is in the forecast.

Your screen house is now ready for use! You can move the picnic table underneath and enjoy your stay. 

12 Steps: Take Down the Screen House

1. Undo all the clips and hooks and let the side wall fall to the ground.

2. Slide the wall under each leg.

3. Fold the wall in half, and in half again, so it will fit back into the duffel bag.

4. Roll the side wall up tight and place in duffel bag.

5. Remove the six nails by lifting each pole up a few inches and then removing the nail. Put all nails back in the nail and stake bag.

6. Walk the frame in towards the center about ½ way.

7. Remove the velcro clips and then remove the roof.

8. Fold the roof in half, and then in half again, and place in the duffel bag with the wall.

9. Lower the six legs to their lowest point and walk the frame all the way in so it is tight.

10. Place the frame into the storage bag with the legs going in first.

11. Place the stake bag inside the storage bag and zip it up.

12. This bag is on wheels to make it easy to bring to the trailer. Place it in trailer and use the two bungie cords to secure in place.

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