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Stove & Griddle

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions For:

Each Campanion Trailer Comes with a
Coleman Stove & Blackstone Griddle

11 Steps: Using the Coleman Stove

Setting up the Stove:

1. Remove the Coleman Stove from the trailer. Stoves are not to be used inside the trailer at any time.

2. Place the stove on a flat surface, or the table provided.

3. Open the stove, lift the pan support, and remove the gas propane adapter.

4. Replace the pan support.

5. Assemble the wind shields by sliding the clips into the sides of the stove, as shown below.

6. Slide the propane adapter onto the fitting on the right side and push it in until you feel it stop. Then thread the coupling by hand until it is tight. Do not use any tools. These are designed to seal by hand tightening only.

7. Thread a propane cylinder onto the adapter until it is tight. There is no on/off valve for the gas. You should not be able to smell any gas. If you do smell gas, recheck all of your connections.

Lighting the Stove:

8. Turn the control knob to “high.”

9. Turn the igniter to the right. The burner will light If it does not light, turn the igniter again.

10. Adjust the flame to your desired size.

11. Repeat for the other burner as needed.

When packing up the stove, remove the propane cylinder and the adapter. PLEASE WASH AND CLEAN THE STOVE WITH HOT SOAPY WATER. Replace the adapter under the pan supports and close the lid.

8 Steps: Using the Blackstone Griddle

Setting up the Griddle:

1. Remove the Blackstone Griddle from the carrying case. Using the griddle outside of the screen house is recommended.

2. Remove the propane adapter and grease catcher from the base.

3. Install the propane adapter the same way as the Coleman Stove. Hand tighten only.

4. Place the griddle onto the base by lining up the four posts with the holes in the base.

5. Install the propane cylinder into the adapter. Smell for gas. If you smell gas, check all of the fittings. Put the grease pan onto the back side of the griddle, as shown below.

Lighting the Griddle:

6. Push in the control knob and turn to the left to get the gas flowing. You will hear and may smell the gas.

7. Turn the knob farther to the left. The Igniter will click and the flame will start. You made need to repeat this to start the griddle. If you are having a problem, you can lift the griddle and start the flame with a lighter.

8. Adjust to desired heat.

The lighting instructions are also on the front of the griddle. When you are not using the griddle – and after it cools down – please cover it with the supplied cover.

After use, please clean the griddle and place it back into its storage bag.

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