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Air Mattress & Cots

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions For:

Each Campanion Trailer Comes with:
One (1) Air Mattress & Two (2) Cots

inflated white air mattress
green cot set up on ground

5 Steps: Inflate the Air Mattress

Remove the air mattress, pump, and cots from the trailer.

1. Lay the mattress out inside the tent.

2. Connect the pump to the air opening at the end of the mattress. Make sure the valve and the end of the pump are pushed all the way in, as shown below.

Note: This is a two-way pump, meaning it pumps air into the mattress on both the up and down stroke.

3. Fill the Mattress to your desired firmness.

4. Remove the pump and close the valve

5. Push the valve assembly into the mattress, as shown below.

The air mattress is now ready for your sheets, blankets and/or sleeping bags!

Keep the pump in the tent with you, as you may need to add more air later on. When packing up, undo the valve at the end and wait roughly 10 minutes. The air will drain out and the mattress can be folded up and put back in the trailer.

6 Steps: Set Up the Cots

Remove one or both cots from the trailer, and the two supports from the bags for each needed cot.

1. Open the cot up by folding the legs downward, then folding the center legs outward, and then opening the center of the cot.

2. With the cot fully open, take the shorter of the two poles and slide it through the opening at the end of the cot opposite the lettering, as shown below.

3. Pull the pole over the end and down onto the post. Repeat for the other side.

4. Take the long pole and slide it through the opening on the other end.

5. Slide the short end over the end of the rail and down over the post.

6. Pull the other end over the end of the rail using the longer end for leverage. This will tighten the surface of the cot.

The cot is now ready for use!

When packing up: Take down the cots in the same manner and put them back in their carrying cases, along with the two poles for each cot. Put both cots back inside the trailer.

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